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Gallery Focal Wall


The gallery focal point is an oversized outstanding wall measuring 15’ (w) x 11’ (h) within the main gallery in the Little Caesars world headquarters. Internally its known as the “focal point wall”. It is the first wall you see walking in this large open space. We needed to have an amazing wall graphic that defined a memorable key factor for this company. I asked myself what an audience would find interesting and also have a unique story that most people have never heard. After many concepts and research in to the Little Caesars history, I focused on one in particular. It was how the Little Caesar logo was created. What were the beginnings?

Who created it? How did it all happen? After further research and asking a lot of questions about the historic facts and mysterious details, I pieced it all together and created more concepts of what could be on this wall with that narrative. The concepts changed many more times but still had the same strong story. Leadership loved it so far. I still had to get to the core elements of what could go on this wall, budget constraints (I initially had more grandiose plans but a lower budget was what I had to work around), and what is going to really resonate with visitors or colleagues that does not know about the company and its rich historic past. Classic, Timeless and Iconic were inspirational words I used to describe what the viewer is going to see when viewing this important but overlooked facet in the company. Next step was finding the original logo, or well, logo’s that were used. Many variations of those were identified after my research. Most of them needed to be recreated digitally. I had worked directly with vendors to getting this project to completion and installed. 



The oversized curved wall that is front and center tells the historic story of how the

Little Caesar logo came to fruition. It is an enchanting narrative that planted the seed for this iconic company. The layout prominently displays the founders, Marian and Mike Ilitch in the early days starting a pizza business. The logo’s varied through the decades and are proudly displayed with second surface printing on acrylic plates and metal screwposts. I emphasized the words Classic, Timeless and Iconic in metal letters. Everyone including the curators, president of Little Caesars, and CEO were very, very pleased. The wall ended up being a successful story that I am proud of! 



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