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Smile Walls


To design a prominent wall space that works on two separate floors within the global world headquarters of Little Caesars. The two curved walls were on the 6th and 8th floors, 46’ wide x 9’ high. My team pitched many concepts to see what would work in such an immense area and still keep to making some finite aspect of the Little Caesars brand history. This posed a challenge because leadership wanted both walls to work together even though they were on different floors plus having to fit graphics within the oversized space and curved walls. We nicknamed both spaces “smile walls” since when looking from the top down on our schematic, they formed a long smile shape. My approach to this space was to go back to historic research not touched upon yet. I also dove deep into the soul of what the company and culture represented from a graphic point of view. Since these areas are in high traffic walkways and an open mezzanine area, they needed to capture the spirit of the company and have elements where colleagues would not grow tired of it. I presented a very graphic block-like look with elements of the illustrations that are used in marketing pieces both historic and newly branded. Tying in old with new. The colors used are ones that I established for the interior graphics of the world headquarters. Each color represents some specific area. Orange, black and white (Little Caesars brand colors), light blue and orange (Little Caesars Youth hockey), dark blue (Blueline distribution), cream and gray (complimentary accent colors). I had worked directly with vendors to getting this project to completion and installed.



It was bold, graphic, fun and really set the tone of what the company and interior walls represent. The designs were extremely well received. More than I ever anticipated. Because of this and all my other artwork and leadership on the team, I was recognized by the President of Little Caesars (Dave Scrivano) and also the CEO (Chris Ilitch) in a company-wide meeting. 



These wall designs also became the signature look for other internal artwork used within the world headquarters. The design was incredibly so strong and identifiable that I had used it as a base for conference room signs, computer screensavers, service award booklet, and other internal marketing pieces. It was even used for the exclusive Tigers Suite at Tigers Stadium. Although it was tailored to have baseball vibe but the overall layout remains that same. 


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