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Service Award Booklet

The service award event is where the Little Caesars company recognizes years of service and other accomplishments for colleagues.

It is typically an annual event. Since there was no specific theme designated, my inspiration for this book was to use the Smile Wall layout that I had designed. If you haven’t seen it yet, it is a block-style layout using branded illustrations and colors. Since working remotely for almost two years due

to Covid this was the first colleague event where the entire company would meet in-person once again. How could I connect the world headquarters, the second home to colleagues, and a revival of everyone meeting in person? My intent was to make an exciting invitation and booklet that also was recognizable from the famous wall designs that I created and having that vibrant connection enjoyable for the colleagues.

The connection that I made was “spot on” by the Human Resource team that I worked with on this project. I presented only one concept which I never do on a project. In this case,

I took a risk and sold it from the start.

It was very well received by everyone at

the event. Colleagues made the connection

instantaneously from the book design to the Smile Walls in the world headquarters. It definitely brought a smile to everyone’s faces.  


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